Hi! I'm Charlie.





Please email me for a copy of my CV.

Who am I?

I am a 4th year MEng Computer Science with Cyber Security student at the University of Southampton. The course has shown me a wide variety of the disciplines within the CS umbrella, from low level C and embedded systems (which I quite enjoy), to higher-level more career and management focused modules.

Over the years, I've particularly enjoyed the computer systems modules (COMP1203, COMP2215, and COMP3215), exploring the low level hardware and software and safety-critical realtime systems; the more theoretical modules (COMP1201, COMP2208, and COMP2210), and the networking and wireless modules (mainly COMP2207 and COMP3210). I'm looking forward to taking the simulations modelling module (COMP6216) next semester, as my group design project which takes most of my time in semester one has been quite practical and has a lack of theory.

Outside university, I mess about with Raspberry Pis and Pi Picos with smart home automation and small IoT projects, delving into the electronics and microcontroller side of things. I also look after about 70 VPS machines as part of my work, and develop and orchestrate the deployment of these projects across out network. I also used to look after CSLib, which is a set of old Dell R620s and PowerVault appliances, but have now handed this over to the next generation of students.

Want to talk Business?

If you're interested in hiring me I'm quite happy to share a portfolio of past work and discuss your project with you. If that's you then don't hesitate to contact me through my email with details about your project or idea and I'll get back to you as swiftly as possible. Whilst I can't guarantee I'll have prior experience with everything, I should be able to adapt to your needs with relative ease.

Personal Life

Outside my studies and IT-related work I enjoy cooking, playing the guitar and going out and about in my camper van. I started Ballroom and Latin Dancing earlier this year, and I've been to a couple of competitions, and got 4th place Beginner Quickstep at one of them. I've got a page of things I like, as lots of people kept asking me what to watch.

I'm currently working my way along the South West Coast Path with my dad and brother, which is proving to be quite challenging but a fun and active way to holiday.